Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Tires.

I finally got new tires on the bus. Thanks to LesSchwab here in in NE Portland I got Nankang brand 185R-14/8 N810 Light Truck 2 ply sidewalls steel belted rasdials. 65 psi.

The bus now steers easier and rolls faster. I should get better mils per charge and maybe even faster speeds.

I'll post about that when I figure it out

Shocks are next. I was thinking about coil overs, but the forum over at TheSamba.com convinced me that the bus shock mounts arent strong enough, so I'm going with the gas adjust models. The tires helped make the back end look less saggy already and the shocks will finish the job and get rid of the squeaking noise I make. Bicyclists look out!

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