Friday, June 13, 2008

Photo Booth Bus

One of my Jobs is renting out photobooths in Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington, and Boise Idaho.

I have an upcoming wedding in July where we are turning the bus into the booth. It will be an outdoor farm wedding and the bus will fit right in. The box with camera and printer will be behind the drivers seat, and the guests will enter through a curtain where the sliding door opening is, then sit on the back bench and hit the button for the shots. It will then print out right away for the guests inside the bus.

Just another use for the electric bus!

We might do some custom graphics like this...


Adrian Klein said...

Awesome Soren. Can't wait to check the bus out. That is really cool that you got working and how you are using it. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Soren, Great Idea about the bus/booth combo. Did you get the bus painted? I didn't think it was comercially accepable with the original 70's paintjob.
My patients are raving about the pictureframe. They think the bus is awesome,but are more interested in the kids.