Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So, as I said this isn't a step by step tutorial, I wish I was that good, but I can tell you some things now that my bus is up and cruising around Portland.

I got my parts from several different sources. http://e-volks.com/ is where I got my main kit. I found them to be super nice and helpful which is what made me choose them to buy my main parts from. I used Kit #4.

I also bought parts from http://www.electroauto.com/ and bought the book on converting that he wrote called "Convert It!"

Hankins Hardware on MLK in Portland was a daily visit. An employee there is a VW bus fan. You'll be surprised how many bolts and random hardware items go into these things.

I bought quite a bit of stuff from Home Depot too, and Harbor freight, and Fred Meyer too. And an occasional trip t Nappa or Shucks.
And I can't forget Les Schwab for the batteries!

I am happy to be able to drive to these places now in the electric car. I hope I didn't waste too much gas in building this thing.

More to come.

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