Friday, May 23, 2008


The transmission in the bus is the same as the original vw bus transmission. It attaches directly to the moter via a coupler, and an adapter plate bolts on to motor and tranny with just 4 bolts. So the motor just hangs off the transmission, cool! I have no clutch, which as it turns out is no big deal. I just have to be at a stop to get into 1st gear, and I don't use 1st anyway.

I start in 3rd. Because of the motors torque this seems to be the best gear, then after 30 mph I switch to 4th. shifting from 2nd to 3rd actually takes longer than just going straight from 3rd all the way, and seems to keep my amps to a minimum.

To switch gears I just let off the accelerator and the tranny switches really smoothly for me.

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